Customer Care

We at Hodge Podge Toys (HPT) are here to bring to our customers the most enjoyable and informed shopping experience. Product knowledge and exceptional customer service is what we are always hoping to excel and improve on everyday. HPT is a community based boutique store and we place a lot of value on our customer experience and feedback. We are learning everyday and there are a lot of times when our customers through their travels around the world expose us to new ideas and toy suggestions. At HPT we love to hear from our customers and always appreciate your thoughts and try to improve on our service and products. 

Our Packaging & Loot Bags

At Hodge Podge Toys, we are trying to ensure that we are doing our little bit in being as eco-friendly as possible. 

Kraft shopping bags

Decorative tissue paper is FSC approved & acid free paper

The logo printed on our decorative tissue paper is soy based 

We are part of the Eco-Packaging Alliance..each order of ours plants trees around the world

We use beautiful Grosgrain ribbon to finish off our beautifully eco gift bag

Our Loots bags are free & are also packaged in the same manner

There is absolutely no cellophane wrap or plastic ribbon in our loot bags 

We use a staple free stapler to attach your receipts

We do not gift wrap, since tape is not recyclable 

Trying to do better each in progress 

We love to support & feature...